300 Movie

300 Movie Costumes and Accessories

Okay, so here's the story so far.  You're the Spartans, the others are the ones with the funny name. They're coming to take your lands away because, well let's just say because.  You, quite rightly, don't want them to.  So you gather up your army, go and talk to some old witch on the mountain, leave your stunning wife behind and you run across your land to the edge and then, because you are cleverer than they are, and probably because you have better oiled bodies than they do, you beat some of them, and then some more.
You even make a wall of out of their dead bodies - and I would say that the wall was made quicker than I've seen any builder work (and with a sight less mess, now that's saying something), er, where was I, oh..yes, you beat some more and then you insult their leader giving it large like you do.  And I forgot there are only 300 hundred of you and lots more of them.  It's also a shame one of yours was actually one of theirs, so you lose.  Then end.  Worthy of a Ph.D. in History.