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If your Sunday mornings are usually spent in bed recovering from and, possibly, regretting the antics from the previous night, then our superb range of Religious Costumes, or as some would say, Saints and Sinners fancy dress, will definately appeal to you.  At one fell swoop you will be able to atone from your sins as well as being able to offer absolution to others from the mischief thay got upto! Not only do we have a superb range of outfits for the guys, at Karnival Costumes we've lots of costumes for the ladies that introduce a hint of sexiness and sex appeal where traditionally it doesn't usually go! Our collection of sexy Nun costumes would definitely light-up any Convent and the level of sin they would bring would bring any Monastery to it's knees - in more ways than one! And we've plenty of Angel costumes for you to select from, from the pure and virginal good Angel Costumes to the dark and seductive Fallen Angel costumes and for those looking to fall even further, how about our Red Hot Devil fancy dress? And the bad guys don't get all the fun, lining up against them are the good guys including our monks and priest costumes, rabbi fancy dress, choirboy outfits and even sets of Papal robes. With all of the religious costume accessories that you'll need, you wan't need to go anywhere else.