Childrens Wigs

Children's Wigs and Hairpieces

In days gone by when Hovis bread was delivered on a bike and a horse puled the milk cart (yes, dear reader bread and milk used to be delivered to your door on a daily basis - ah, progress), er, where was I? Oh yes, when you were a child in those days and you were invited to a costume party, it was either out with a pair of scissors or you went with your school haircut. But mercifully this is not the case nowadays and children around the world are breathing a sigh of relief at the range of Children's wigs and hairpieces available at Karnival Costumes.  We've got children's wigs for all occasions and in a range of styles and bold colours that children are sure to love, which will allow you to decorate your child's head for their fancy dress party today and still have them ready and presentable for school in the morning - and all of this with a smile on their face. Our range of children's wigs that will instantly transform your child into a number of characters including a pirate, rag doll, Halloween Witch or Vampire, Little Lord Fauntleroy, a clown or the ultimate party girl.