Christmas Panto

Pantomime Fancy Dress Costumes

Quintessentially British the pantomime is a great tradition around the Christmas holiday period. A great deal of work and effort goes into creating these stage shows and they are enjoyed by children of all ages - and we mean all ages!  This general understanding of the basic rules of panto, surely you know them - oh yes you do, makes the theme absolutely perfect for any costume party during the period. Strangely, every year it's the same cluster of pantomime stories that attract the biggest audiences so although there are different fairy tales, most pantos have the same essential characters which feature in most performances. From the Principle Boy, played by a girl to the Pantomime Dame when men get (and usually relish) the opportunity to dress up as females. So whatever the character you want to portray, it's an opportunity for over the top, colourful, loud dresses, wigs, make-up and appropriate accessories such as jumbo eyelashes.