Clowns Wigs

Clown Wigs for Adults and Children

A good looking Clown wig is a vital part of creating the overall illusion that a person dressed in a clown costume presents. Clown wigs are bright, funny and exaggerated so that when combined with the right make-up, they instantly change a person's look completely allowing them to step fully into their clown character. There are a variety of Clown wig styles available and at Karnival Costumes we have a great selection including the exaggerated Afro style clown wigs, clown hats with hairpieces attached as well as the comical clown's bald head. Professional quality clown wigs should be easy to clean and store, comfortable, and last for a long time allowing for repeated use. So as you develop your clowning personality remember that a good clown wig will both make the right impression as well as leaving a lasting memory. Getting a great look when wearing any wig starts with the basics and we would always recommend that you wear a wig cap under your hairpiece, why not add one to your shopping basket now?