Cops & Robbers Costumes for Teens

Cops and Robbers for Teenagers

Looking for a terrific party theme?  Well, Cops and Robbers are the ultimate in good versus bad battles and with our superb range of adult costumes you may find it tricky to choose just which side of the law you want to be on. If you settle on being on the side of the police and law and order, you can choose from a wide range of fancy dress costume possibilities - if you've always wanted to be in CHIPS, we've a highway patrolmans costume and you need simply just add the police motorcycle helmet which is available from our huge collection of themed police costume accessories alternatively you may want to be a traditional style cop or even a judge or barrister whichever it is, at Karnival Costumes we'll have the cop costume for you. If you want to be a baddie on the side of the Robbers, you can go for the look of an prisoner or convict and select a stripy convict costume complete with ball and chain. And if you want to be very naughty we have a range of prisoner restraint costumes and straight jackets which will keep you quiet and which are perfect for the nominated driver! 
At Karnival Costumes you'll find a huge collection of Cops and Robbers adult costumes and we've divided them up into sections; Dectective costumes including everything you need for the perfect Sherlock Holmes fancy dress, Policemen and women and Convicts and Prisoners.  Additionally we have two sections devoted to themed police costume accessories with one being devoted to our Pinkie Police Costume range which is perfect for Hen Nights as well as for the gentler side of policing!