Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys and Indians Costume Accessories

Well howdy, pardner! Welcome to Karnival Costume's Wild West collection of Cowboys and Indians Costume Accessories, where you'll find the very best selection of add-ons for your outfit this side of the Mississippi and the frontiers of the wild west.  Your main thing is for you to decide which side you're on - are you wanting to be one of the Cowboys or one of the Indians? Whichever side you pledge your alliance to you'll find that we have all of the accessories in our Wild West range that you will need to create that authentic look.  For those wanting to be with the Indians, why not turn yourself into an Indian princess or, for the men, add a large feather headdress and become a tribal warrior or Red Indian chief.  If it's the cowboy or cowgirl look you're planning to achieve, and let's face it they really had all the weapons, then we've a wagon load of accessories for you. And we've not forgotten that the Pink Cowgirl theme is still popular for Hen Nights so you'll find plenty of costume accessories specifically for your needs. And don't forget a select a cowboy hat as the crowning glory to your costume.