Halloween Costume Gloves

Halloween Costume Gloves

A pair of gloves will allow you to perfectly complete your own Halloween costume and at Karnival Costumes we have a huge selection for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking to finish your mens or womens outfit, if it needs a pair of gloves then you will find them here.  And if, on the off-chance you can't then we would suggest that you head over to our complete range of costume gloves which is part of our costume accessories section.  
In our Halloween gloves section you can find a variety of styles from short fishnet gloves with attached chains, to a few examples of our alluring long length theatrical gloves.  And for those of you looking for something a little more wicked, we've a number of pairs of PVC gloves which will definitely allow you to cast a spell over any man.  For the children we've a variety of skeleton gloves which will ensure that their Halloween costume is complete as well as ensuring that their hands stay warm whilst they're out Trick or Treating.

Halloween Slasher Fright Glove BA663 and available from Karnival Costumes

Fright Glove

Fright GloveThe perfect slasher glove for Halloween, this is our Fright Glove which has a black glove with a brown panel on the back of the hand which... view details

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