Halloween Costume Teeth

Halloween Teeth

Halloween is probably the most popular time for wearing costume teeth or fangs and at Karnival Costumes we're pretty sure that you'll be impressed with the extensive collection that we can offer you. From some of the top brand names including Scarecrow, Billy Bob and Rubies Masquerade, you'll be able to choose from around 70 different options - and hey, this is only our range of Monster Teeth and Fangs for Halloween. With the modern manufacturing techniques available today, the majority of costume teeth are made using the same materials as high class dental veneers and add to that the ability to custom-fit them to your own mouth, achieving a high class, Hollywood film quality result is now within the reach of everybody.  Now we all know that Vampires are one of the most popular costume choices at Halloween and no serious Vampire is complete without a set of blood sucking Vampire fangs or teeth. Here you'll find a wide selection including Vampire fangs and teeth that include fake blood and blood capsules and even some that have crystals and gold crosses embedded in them.  And if you're planning on going for a troll costume or even an Ocre fancy dress this year, with the new Tusks from Dr Dent we'll have you dressed and ready for action in no time at all. Our prices for our fangs and teeth, like everything else, are highly competitive so whether you're young or old, you want to be discreet or right up in your face, dental fangs or costume teeth are fast becoming the 'must have' accessory at Halloween!