Home Guard Costumes

Category heading image for the WWII Home Guard fancy dress costumes which are available ffrom a huge collection of military uniforms at Karnival CostumesWWII Home Guard Fancy Dress Costumes

Personally, I think we owe the men and women of the Home Guard a vote of thanks and yet, when we mention the topic all we ever hear is phrases like 'You Stupid Boy' and we all immediately think of those loveable characters from Dad's Army, the hit TV, Radio, Stage and Musical (yes Musical) sensation. Okay we give in an we're happy to join in the fun, we've a few WWII army costumes that are well suited as Home Guard costumes and they are available Officers, NCOs and the Enlisted Ranks. So all you need to do is select whichever rank is suitable for you and remember you can't all be officers don't you know lardy da.  If you really need to carry a weapon, these were improvised so a broom handle with some cold steel attached would do just fine 'cos, and all together now, "they don't like it up 'em".