Horror Klownz

Killer Clowns and Creepy Carnival Costumes and Decorations from Karnival Costumes

Killer Clowns

Those of you with a nervous disposition or an extreme fear of Clowns should most definitely look away now... Horror Clowns is not the place you want to be! These clown costumes will certainly show the darker, more menacing side of the circus this Halloween.  At Karnival Costumes we have a great range of costumes available for children, teenagers and adults, so no matter your age, we have the perfect costume to scare the pants off of whoever you like. We have great costumes at bargain prices, like the children's Corpse Klown which is also available for teenagers to some super deluxe adult costumes like the Deluxe Rico the Clown, that would not be out of place on a movie set. covered - in more ways than one! And if you are adopting a Killer Clowns or Creepy Carnival party theme, then we have the Halloween decorations to make your theme complete.