Jetsons Costumes

The Jetsons Costumes

Grab your spacedog, jump in your space car and whirl off to Orbit City and the year 2062 to meet The Jetson family.  Despite costumes of the whole family not being available, we have the two that draw the most attention... Well from the boys anyway! The ever glamorous Jane Jetson is a homemaker, although her Robot Maid Rosie does most of the work, which allows Jane to do what she loves best - shopping in 'Mooning Dales'! Not a bad way to spend your days, right? Meanwhile, George and Jane's 15 year old daughter, Judy loves everything a futuristic teenage girl loves and attends the local school, Orbit High... When she's not obsessing over Rock Star 'Jet Screamer' or talking to her floating digital diary that is!  These costumes are absolutely perfect for any costume party and are even better when Mum and Daughter dress as a pair.