Little Britain Costumes

When David Walliams and Matt Lucus conceived and created the characters in Little Britain, we're sure that they didn't realise that it was soon to become one of the most loved comedies to be made in recent times and with so many well known characters to choose from, the choice of which Little Britain costume to wear can be a tough one to make. And with the new crop of characters in Come Fly With Me, their follow-up and equally popular mockumentary the choice has just become harder.  Karnival Costumes has a wide range of costumes from the Little Britain show - so if you want a costume that will make you look like Vicky Pollard, Bubbles, Daffyd or one of the other Little Britain characters then you've come to the right place. With so many Little Britain costumes to choose from you might find yourself taking a leaf from the book of one of Little Britain's best loved characters and proclaiming "Want that one!".
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