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You are offered a red pill and a blue pill. You are told that if you take the blue pill you will wake-up and remember nothing about what has just happened, if you take the red pill however, your life will change forever and that you will discover reality. Are you bold enough to take the red pill and force your way out of the Matrix? Neo was brave enough to swallow the red pill and found himself awakened and freed from his neurological bonding to the Matrix, a gigantic computer system simulating the world as we know it and providing those who 'live' in the Matrix with the illusion of touch, sight, sound, smell - everything they have around them.Those inside the Matrix have no idea that it's nothing more than an illusion, nor do they have any idea that there is a rebellion being waged by the few survivors of mankind who live in the reality of Zion outside of the world of make believe that is the Matrix.