Mens Tights

Okay.  Stop giggling and listen up.  Yes, MEN do wear tights.  Not to look sexy in a cross-dressing way, well the majority probably don't wear them for this reason, but for times when they are asked, or more likely forced to play a part in a Pantomime or to dress up as an Elf around Christmas time and yes, our range does includes bi-coloured tights with one leg red and the other green. And who could forget dressing up for a Stag Night, albeit that most can't remember much about dressing up for a Stag Night or anything about the night itself come to that.
Whatever the reason, and why would we worry it's a free world, we have a sizeable collection of mens tights.  Some have been specifically designed as mens tights and some are plus size or extra large normal tights.  With the exception of the fishnet tights - think funny costumes with exposed knobbly knees, these are opaque male tights which will give some covering to the hairs on the legs. So for the best selection of mens tights Karnival Costumes is the place to be.