Oktoberfest Costumes - Ladies

Oktoberfest Costumes for Ladies

Oktoberfest costumes for ladies are usually based on the traditional Bavarian dress which is known as a dirndl.  The dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron and although they are worn all year round, they are perfect for celebrating your own Oktoberfest costume party, local celebration or if you are lucky enough partying the night away in the beer tents of Munich. The winter style of dirndl has heavy, warm skirts and aprons made of thick cotton, linen, velvet or wool, and long sleeves and they are usually made from rich dark colours. The summer style, and the one preferred by most for wearing during the Oktoberfest party season is lighter and more frivolous, has short sleeves, and is often made of colourful lightweight cotton, silk or satin.  And did you know that the placement of the knot on the apron is sometimes an indication of the woman's marital status?  If the knot is tied on the woman's left side this indicates she is single, a knot tied on the right means she is married, engaged or otherwise "taken", the knot front and center is for young girls, and a knot tied in back means the woman is widowed - well now you know!