Photographic Props

Photo Booth Props and Backgrounds

With the birth of the instant society thanks to the mobile phone revolution, a new craze and phenomenon has been born. The Selfie. And nowadays, no big event is complete without someone, or everyone, taking photos so that everyone can share the memories almost as soon as they are being made!  And if you need something more professional, there has been a huge increase in the use of hired professional photo booths the quality of which has improved leaps and bounds.
Whether professionally organised or less formal through the use of phones and digital cameras, these photo booths allow your guests to let their hair down and create their own personal memories. And to assist in this fun making, a box of accessories will ensure that there are some really quirky shots of you dressed in your finest. In addition to the pre-assembled kits and backdrops you will find here, don’t forget that our scene setters will make ideal backdrops for you to pose against. We’ve also got masses of small costume accessories that will enhance your basic kits, favourites include feather boas, stick on moustaches, crowns as well as any number of inflatable instruments, animals etc. So let your imagination and photos soar to new heights no matter what the event or occasion.