Pilots & Cabin Crew

Adult Pilots and Cabin Crew Costumes

Every dreamt of being a Pilot, getting to fly to all those exotic places, living the lifestyle and all that Jazz? You have? Well at Karnival Costumes we can get you one step closer to achieving your dream.  OK, we can't get you in the cockpit or in fact even on a plane BUT we can provide you with a Pilot Fancy Dress Costume... That's a good start though right!? Besides, everyone loves a man in uniform don't they, which makes any of these costumes perfect no matter what time of year your party is.  

We have a great range of Pilot costumes from all through the ages, for both Men and Women.  We also have a fantastic variety of Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant and Stewardess costumes available in a range of colours and styles, from something sexy to a more traditional outfit, Karnival Costumes has the lot.  We even have a great range of Accessories available, ready for you to choose from.