Popcorn Party

Popcorn Party Goods, Bags and Boxes

Popcorn is a hugely popular snack food found on sale at sporting events and in movie theaters, where it has been served since the 1930s. It's also a staple snack at home parties and mirroring the above for times watching sporting events in a domestic setting. One of the cheapest foods, cinemas have come under fire due to their high markup on popcorn with many saying that the profit on it's sales is second only to that on street drugs. There are two basic styles for serving popcorn; served with salt as a snack food or with caramalised sugar as a sweet snack food. Whichever way you like it, here at Karnival Costumes online party shop we've a range of popcorn related party decorations, photo props as well as popcorn serving bags and boxes, so whether you're adding it to a party or making it the star of the party, we've something for you.