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For those looking for the a great range of theatrical and movie quality Prosthetics for Halloween at Karnival Costumes, we've got the Rubies Masquerade, Woochie and other ranges for you to choose from. These are latex horror effects from some of the leading manufacturers of both general and the professional theatre quality prosthetics and these are sure to create the desired effect. Although these may take a little longer to apply and colour, the results should be worth the added effort. Used extensively in theatre productions these pieces are available to suit a range of themes and they are especially popular for Halloween groups. 
So for something a little special this Halloween why not choose one of these latex prosthetics for yourself.
Reel F/X Bullet Wounds

Bullet Wounds

Reel Effects Bullet Hole ProstheticsFrom the Reel F/X range of quality makeup effects, these are pre-painted latex prosthetics or high quality theatri... view details

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