Santa Claus Eyebrows

Father Christmas and Santa Claus false eyebrows

If you are helping Santa by being one of his assistants, you really need to look as much like him as possible and the big man has bushy white eyebrows.  So we've assembled a collection of Santa Claus Eyebrows for you to choose from.  And if the thought of sticking eyebrows on seems too much, we have a fantastic eyebrow whitener which is as simple to remove as it is to put on. So if you're looking for a set of eyebrows to complete one of our deluxe Santa costumes, at Karnival Costumes we can offer you one of the largest – and  coolest – collection of Santa Eyebrows around including our ever popular eyebrow whitener which you use to shade your own eyebrows. As one of the leading suppliers of fancy dress online our buyers have the experience to handpick the best of the best so that we can bring you an extensive collection of Santa accessories.  We're sorry to inform you that the Mohair Santa Eyebrows are no longer available.