St David's Day

St David's Day Costumes and Accessories

St Davids Day Costumes, Accessories and arty Goods from Karnival CostumesWhy not join the Welsh and celebrate the national day of Wales with our patriotic St David Costumes and accessories. With St David's day fancy dress costumes for both adults and children plus a host of costume accessories and party goods, you'll be able to show your national pride and whilst looking fantastic! Every March the first, parades and celebrations are held around the world in honour of St David and the beautiful country that Wales and March 1st now sees streets festooned with decorations of leaks and daffodils, both national emblems of Wales, along with a growth in popularity for wearing either symbol as a statement of national pride so wherever you find yourself this March, what could be better than joining in with Wales and wearing Welsh fancy dress which will make our collection of St David's Day costumes and accessories right for you.