Star Trek

STAR TREK Costumes

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and, by some, he is spoken of in revered terms. In the depths of the cold war, he spoke not of religious texts and damnation, but instead provided us with a vision of the future that was filled with hope and so compelling that it has indelibly marked the imaginations of man-kind ever since - well TV audiences at least. And there is even an internationally celebrated day - Star Trek Day, which celebrates that vision and the man who created it. This is celebrated on September 8th although it's often confused with Star Wars Day - May 4th. Here at Karnival Costumes we're glad to be able to support that day and any Star Trek fan with our collection of  Star Trek Enterprise costumes both adults and children's sizes and costume accessories. And if your looking to create a complete party, we've a super selection of Space themed party goods. So live long and prosper by joining the fun had by legions of Star Trek fans around the world.