The Simpsons Costumes

From our huge selection of movie and TV fancy dress, this is our section on the The Simpsons.  Thought by some to be the actual First Family of America, this is an animated TV sitcom about the antics of a dysfunctional family called the Simpsons (surprise!) which consists of Homer, the oafish unhealthy Duff beer drinking father, Marge the hardworking wife and mother, Bart the perpetual ten year old under achiever, Lisa the unappreciated eight year old genius, and Maggie the cute pacifier sucking, always silent, infant. And at Karnival Costumes were pleased to be able to bring you a complete range of Simpsons Costumes so that you too can relive some of their two-dimensional antics in 3D. These yellow characters live in a fictional town called Springfield, although some of their adventures have taken then further afield. In addition to the main family a number of other characters have appeared in the over 500 episodes of this true cartoon sitcom. 
In this section we have all of the main Simpsons characters and other than a little yellow facepaint, they come with everything you will need to create an instantly recognisable character and as well as a great look. For example, the Bart Simpson costume even includes the boot covers. And our Krusty the Klown costume makes a superb alternative for any clown themed party.
So for your Simpsons fancy dress outfits come to Karnival Costumes.  And don't forget if you need your outfit quickly, with our same day dispatch and overnight shipping option we'll make sure you're feeling - and looking - yellow in no time at all!