Tooth Black

Costume Tooth Black Makeup

One of the simplest as well as a classic of theatre and make-up artists is the lost tooth look which can be simply achieved with Tooth Black makeup. The look is achieved with Black Tooth wax or compound. Simply apply tooth wax to any dry tooth using the applicator provided or a toothpick or similar instrument and shape to fit at the gum line. Ensure that the adjacent teeth are clean, use a clean toothpick to remove any overspill appliaction, lick to moisten the exposed wax surface and you're set for hours. Perfect for creating an ol hag, boxer and any number of other costume characters.
At Karnival Costumes we have a selection of Tooth Black Makeup compounds for you to select from and if these don't appeal, then why not use a set of costume dental veneers to achieve the desired look.