Wild West Costumes for Ladies


Well Howdy and welcome to our collection of Wild West Fancy Dress Costumes for Women.  We think we can cater for most tastes and in this section for sexy and sassy right the way through to Jessie from Disney's Toy Story blockbuster movie. We think we've assembled a great line-up for you to choose from including a mix of Cowgirls, Indians and a sprinkling of Burlesque styled Saloon Girls with their high kicking bawdy stage shows. We've masses of stock to choose from and we can offer you a comically Funny Cowgirl Costume to partner up with the men's funny cowboy, or a Sexy Denim Cowgirl. Or perhaps you fancy taking on the role of the Indian Squaw with one of a number of costumes from the range. The idea of being a naughty Saloon Girl caught you imagination? Well at Karnival Costumes we've plenty to choose your own favourite from. 

And if you need the accessories, we loads of them in their own section: Wild West Fancy Dress Costume Accessories and if you can't find what you're looking for in there, then we've a complete catalogue of thousands of accessories available for you.