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Need a hand? Got a question? Can I give you a rendom jumble of numbers and still chare you 50p for the privilege even though the chances are that it won't be what you are looking for.  Arrh, the beauty of being truly a company that no-one can see!  Well, now and thanks to their advertising campaign, you can see them.  All over the place in their cute running gear which the number 118118 emblazened across their chests and at this pioint, we would like to point out that other telephone enquiry services are available, this fun fancy dress costume is perfect for any TV themed costume party.  Also easily adaptable for your Olympics parties, this is a useful costume to own. And at Karnival Costumes, we have 118118 Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories that will allow you to really look the part.  So whether you want to look like 118118 or his identical twin brother, we've the costume and accessories that will give you the perfect look.