Adult Disney

Adult Disney Costumes

Welcome to the magical world of Disney! No matter how old you are whether your a big eyed kid watching the magic unfold before you or an adult trying not to sniffle at some of the storylines that the writers and animators at the Disney Studios dream up, they've come up with a conveyor belt of lovable characters with most going on to become hit fancy dress costumes taking on another life of their own. And at Karnival Costumes, we've a great selection of all your favourite Disney Characters, so whether it's a costume for Captain Jack Sparrow, or perhaps a dress up outfit for the pretty one or even the less pretty one from Beauty and the Beast, or even a Mickey costume and Minnie Mouse outfit from the age where it all started, you'll find them all and many more classic and new Disney favourites perfect for a multitude of Fancy Dress Parties.  And with Disney Studios secureing the rights to the Kermit and Miss Piggy fancy dress, where else could we possibly include them?