Childrens Animal Fancy Dress

Animal Fancy Dress Costumes for children

If yours are anything like mine were, then referring to them as little animals was nearer to the truth than perhaps we wanted it to be!  That said with our fantastic range of Animal Fancy Dress Costumes for Children they could look like, as well as act like, like animals. At Karnival Costumes we have an exciting collection and we've classified into a number of sections; for boys and girls who want a ferocious animal outfit we have our Zoo collection with lions and tigers.  Something a little more aquatic? Why not take a look through Fish and Seaside fancy dress collection. Karnival Costumes also have fantasy outfits as well as exotic animals and monkey costumes. For the smaller child who you want to dress in a cuddly and cute costume we have less aggressive animals such as bunnies, little sheep and others to choose from. 

And lets not forget all of the spiders and other Halloween costumes and nativity scene animal fancy dress that we have in stock. And if you opt for the pig costume, make sure to remind your kid that they're not supposed to roll around in the mud, well not all of the time anyway!