Body Parts

Halloween Gory Body Parts

Be warned, some of these items will not be suitable for all and we would suggest some guidance if you are viewing these in the company of children. 
Nothing says Gorefest more than a selection of blood dripping body parts strewn around your party area! And with Zombie costumes winning the popularity contest at the moment a fresh supply of severed limbs along with ready supply of body organs will ensure that you are the 'host or hostess with the most-est'.
At Karnival Costumes we pride ourselves on stocking a large selection of fake Body Parts including limbs, heads, internal organs and fingers with some of these even being presented as if you've just picked them up from your local supermarket - just right for leaving in the fridge and scaring anyone who opens it without warning.  Not only are these fantastic Halloween props, they are also super for incorporating into your Hospital themed party or any of the Slasher movie parties.