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Children's Fantasy Animal Fancy Dress Costumes

From the stuff of storybooks which we're sure you've shared with your own little ones comes a collection of Fantasy Animal fancy dress costumes which will allow your own child to bring these stories to life in their imagination.  From Dragons to Unicorns at Karnival Costumes we'll have just the thing.  And as you would expect, we've a cute Baby Dragon from Travis designs one of the leading manufacturers of high quality costumes for children. From the same manufacturer we have Blaze Dragon a colourful bright red costume with a tail just right for swishing. 
Instant Unicorn Set by Bristol Novelties DS185 available from Karnival Costumes online party shop

Unicorn Set

Instant Unicorn SetContents: Ears with Horn and Fluffy TailFrom our great collection of instant fancy dress and sure to be everyone's favourite mythic... view details
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Looking for something calmer, well our Step-in-Unicorn costume is perfect for little girls and through interactive play they can pretend to be the princess riding away on their own winged unicorn. So if you're looking for a slightly unusual outfit to match with your own child's fantasy, or you simply need a dragon to stand in front of St George once a year, then this is where you need to be.