Gangsters and Molls

Gangsters and Molls Costumes

It looks like a violin case, "well it ain't see, so say hello to my little friend the Chicago Piano".  What says Gangster more than those early movies? Whether you're looking to give your best Godfather or Al Capone impression and you're searching for the perfect twenties styled Gangster costume, or you have a 1920's themed party or event to attend, we have a fantastic range of Gangster and Moll Costumes, Accessories and decorations to make sure you achieve the ultimate in gangster and mob styling. The ultimate in Pinstripe suits and Fringed Flapper dresses at great prices from the very best tailor in town.  And don't forget, no wannabe Gangster is complete without a Tommy Gun and Cigar nor Flapper with a Cigarette Holder and lavish Feather Boa or even one made from dollar bills, such extravagance!