Mermaids of the Sea

Mermaid Costumes For Children

For thousands of years Mermaids have been a part of folklore around the world. These half human, half fish beings have been made ever popular by hit movies like The Little Mermaid and now your child can join in the adventure with one of our great Mermaid costumes for children. These costumes are absolutely gorgeous and are full of the vibrant colours of the sea. They're perfect for any little lady who loves Disney or just loves to dress up in their favourite Ariel fancy dress.
And for someone invited to a Pirate themed costume party but not much liking the idea of a swashbuckling fancy dress, a Mermaid costume makes a great alternative. Lastly, with so many fabulous storybooks and other works of fiction being available for the theme, Mermaid costumes make a great book week dress-up ideas.