Reel F/X Professional Makeup

Reel Effects Professional Makeup

From Rubies Masquerade one of the leading US manufacturers of costumes for both general and the professional theatre, this is their Reel FX Professional range of latex appliances and prosthetic pieces.  Designed for those looking for the best effect, these will take a little longer to apply but the results will be worth the effort. Used extensively in theatres and am-dram productions these pieces are available to suit a range of themes and they are especially popular at Halloween. The larger Latex Appliances are usually whole face but some of the smaller only cover the brow and nose.
So if you're looking for a Halloween effect that is something above the norm, then at Karnival Costumes we've the thing for you with these latex accessories. And don't worry if you're looking for something less intensive to apply we've a range of Halloween Effects pieces which are super for home use.